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We are focused on industrial technology development. While many of our solutions use power ultrasonic systems as a base solution our team has expertise across many technologies and processes that allow us to innovate in many industries. 

If you have a concept or ideas to review please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Dr. Jie-Wei Chen, CEO

Dr. Chen is one of the founders of RSRM and the future spin-off NAPSS (in formation). As an exemplary physicist and business strategy professional, he is passionate about innovation and how to bring ground-breaking technology to the market. Jie-Wei Chen holds his B.S. in Physics from Fudan University and M.S. in Physics from Tongji University in Shanghai. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Heidelberg University. He obtained his MBA from St. Gallen Business School in 2006. Twice he received the Swiss Technology Awards (2000, 2004) for laser technology and has 29 publications and 21 patents. He is a steering-committee-member of the “Swiss Energy & Climate Summit” and an expert-team member of the “Swiss Economic Forum”

Mr. Mario Placensia, CTO

​Mario is an expert in Power Ultrasonics with over 17 years of product development in this area. He is experienced in bringing new products and technologies to market and has global channel development experience. For over 30 years his interests in technology innovation has put him at the forefront of emerging technologies. His know-how in ultrasonics includes wide ranging applications across many industries including Biotechnology, Oil & Gas, Medical Devices, and Nanotechnology. In 2004 Mario designed one of the first commercially used ultrasonic impact treatment tools in Europe and now brings new innovations in this field to our company.

Mr. Joachim Focking, CFO

Mr. Focking is one of the founders of RSRM. As a highly experiences financial and legal advisor to more than 40 European companies, Mr. Focking’s love of legal & finance drew him to be a founder with the challenge of successfully supporting a highly innovative company. Studies in National Economy and Business Administration at the University of Giessen in Germany and received his degree in economics. Until recently he led projects on international networking for many companies as well as internal communication systems. His interest lies in the development of companies.


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